Re: Glorantha Futures - A Cautious Appraisal

From: John Hughes <john.hughes_at_2e_uIRKysR3EepvsiepqItwly5K4CdyWueUeC_6nwse_-tw0XfbR44OEHLqBnxXc>
Date: Wed, 06 Aug 2008 16:10:33 +1000

Hi Rick

>There are so many things in John's "cautious appraisal" to respond to
>that I will not be doing so any time soon, especially since I prefer to
>not respond vaguely or in anger, regardless of how much I profoundly

Yeah, I know about the anger. Having resumed personal communication with Rick, I am happy to be excoriated in private. Thanks Rick for making contact.

While I felt everything that I stated in my original post (though I am since more relaxed about the proposed cults book), I did feel I was goaded into posting by a number of well, irresponsible remarks, and being goaded into a reply is never the way to best progress issues of concern. At least I explained *why* I had come to be feeling this way. My anger was directed neither at Rick nor Ian. And believe it or not, I had made a commitment just a few days previously to keep my mouth shut. (That one went well ...).

There was one thing that wasn't on my radar at the time, and for which I do wish to apologise, and apologise sincerely.

That of course was Continuum.

While there is never a best time to unleash expressions of exasperation, the fact that some of you might catch my diatribe immediately after returning from what I hope was a fantastic weekend was pretty damned stupid on my part. Continuum has always represented the best of our tribe in both its community and its aspirations. I know al too well both the euphoria and the exhaustion that such a weekend can bring. To catch such a downbeat jag from me on returning from a great con may have been unpleasant. If so, I apologise. Had I thought about Continuum being on I would have responded somewhat differently. (Whether I should have posted earlier, later, or not at all will be a judgement you can all make for yourself).

And the truly frustrating thing? So many of us are working hard, damned hard to keep this crazy project working. In that, we all on the same wavelength.



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