Re: Mongoose elf and dragonewt books?

From: ileskela <ileskela_at_-MhaMmKfxZpAid0DjhEQhe8KYEQfWQ8hvgsqIIYL34ZYphKzLnEKa-DazPCRbg6URad>
Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2008 10:55:02 -0000

In a non-phonetic litteration method, i.e. using the Latin alphabet the way it's used to scribble down phonemes of English, elfs/elves and dwarfs/dwarves is one of the least annoying variations. Pronouncing them aloud, I can't hear any real difference (and I put a bit of fricative into the "v"'s).

There are many, more everyday, litterations that should be driving you mad before this one. ;P

If you want to take an immersive stance, you might imagine that writing the aforementioned words with "-fs" or "-ves" brings forth a real difference between the "cat scratching" and "dog scratching" scripts. 8-D

> *Only slightly kidding, but I'll have many a bad though indeed.

Finns are never-kidding people, so you must be dead serious. :P


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