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From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_LqS2k3QRk5Lod2c7WMXahPhpRy9PbwbOA5FNGv-Zu2lFU3fXcckD-Nr0VqssFmJpl3g5>
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2008 19:04:31 -0000

> - I believe there are scenarios going to be included in the book. If
> so, what is the default date of the campaign? 1621 or later? As I
> understand, no reprint of the Cradle adventure is going to be
> included, but is that event suppossed to have already happened, it
> will happen in the future or is simply ignored in this supplement?

The default starting year will be 1618. One thing we've decided is to give people the opportunity to start their campaigns before all hell breaks loose. Loz and I might write up the Cradle Redux in some later format, but not with this book.

> - Is the Master Plan of Pavis for the city going to be further
> detailed? Mongoose has give us a pretty complete description of both
> the EWF and Godlearners magic and worldview, but I don't know if that
> information has been used while writing the book. How does the Hero
> Pavis relate to both groups? I didn't see Pavis as a dragonspeaker nor
> as a jrusteli sorcerer. Is the relation between the Hero and the magic
> and practices of the two empires explained or at least further explored?

There will be hints and insights into Pavis the Founder - at least as his goals are understood by those who worship him. And as Pavis wrote in his books (like the "Master of the Faceless King").

Pavis was neither a EWF mystic or a God-Learner, but he was definitely influenced by both.

> - Are some of the ideas at the "P&BR Companions" by Ian Thompson going
> to be included in the new version of Pavis or are they all officialy
> disregarded? In those books the city is (among other things) a tool
> for Pavis to explore the myths and magics of the Green Age. While the
> Companions present this exploration as a "good thing" and Pavis as a
> "good" Hero, at the podcast is said something like "the plan of Pavis
> to bring back the Green Age is scary because the Green Age is the time
> where nothing was differentiated". I like this new vision of Pavis,
> less Pavis Goodfellow and more Pavis the Strange Mystic.

Ian's stuff is his own material. Some of it is probably right, some of it is wrong, and some is right but misleading.

> - Please, keep the Ancient Measure or a similar group at the core of
> the Pavis Cult. I love stories about Nephilim-like masonic secret
> societies ;). Of course, I'm going to include them anyway in my
> campaign ;), but to have something "official" in the book would be
> great for me.

The cult of Pavis should please you then.

> - Not really a question, but I really love the idea of Chaos being
> invoked by the humans of the Old City to just survive during the Troll
> Ocupation (once again, if I've understood correctly)

You understood correctly. Men went to great extremes to survive and invoked some very very frightening things.


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