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>Here is 4 more questions about Malkioni Saintly Orders:
>1) When did Saintly Orders firstly appear in Glorantha? I suppose it
>originated as a sort of Herobands, following fighting saints like Hrestol,
>Talor and Gerlant. But I am not sure it is with modern form of Saintly
>Orders even in early 1st Age....

In my opinion, Saintly Orders arose with the first saints way back in the Land of Logic. I don't think however they had written scriptures and formularies back then for these would have come about in emulation of the miraculous example of the Abiding Book during the Imperial Age.

Rather magical knowledge about a Saint before the Imperial Age was transmitted in a variety of methods:

Each of these methods would have had strengths and weaknesses. I do feel that since the destruction of the Tadeniti, written magical knowledge was compatible only with the sorcerous (Zzaburite) perspective on the cosmos. It was only through the devotions of the Jrusteli (close to the lands of the erstwhile Tadeniti) that the Malkioni perspective was able to reconciled with writing. And it is typical of the God Learners that what was once a lost method has become the only mainstream method.

>2) What is Orderly "formularies"? I can make some imagery to Scriptures
>(similar to RW bible) and Grimoires (perhaps it is similar to Dungeon's and
>Dragon's Spellbook). In HQ rulebook, Formulary is "a non-magical book that
>contains the specific formula used to cast the spell.".

A formulary (I understand HQ2.0 has junked the distinction between grimoires, formularies and scriptures) is a collection of the order's magical knowledge as opposed to the direct magic of the saint. In other words, it is magic compatible with the Saint's Teachings, magic that the Saint is reliably known to have used or magic developed by the order through magical research.

>3) Is there any clear mention about "Saintly Veneration" in Abiding Book? (I
>suppose the answer is "No".)

The Abiding Book teaches people how to venerate Malkion. It is silent on the issue of whether the veneration of other saints is permissable or not.

--Peter Metcalfe            

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