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YGWV On Mon, Sep 29, 2008 at 6:03 PM, John Machin <> wrote:

> 2008/9/30 Greg Stafford <>:
> > Forgive me but I'm not intimate with the scenario.
> > I think it's the star bear being turned into the moon bear, yes?
> Sorry, I meant "scenario" in a non-technical sense.

Ah, then...

> Yes, I was just curious since the transformation of the Star Bear into
> the Moon Bear (after Sedenya had ridden it, as the story goes...) and

There is still an "Orlanth the Bear," but it's a smaller cult, and a weaker aspect of the god. So in a sense, there was a recognition of the celestial bear of its own Lunar being, which separated from the original bear. As it is worshiped in Sylila, it is quite strong. BTW, this would have been done by Ulurda (Orogeria), and discovered by worshipers of that Lunar Aspect. Once discovered and his Lunar powers proven, he is available to be worshipped by others (though again, mostly people in Sylila do.)

> the transformation of the Hoar Heron (it flew to the Moon IIRC) seem

I'm not familiar wih this, off hand.

> to be two positive examples of effective Lunar conversion of immortal
> entities. Are there examples - printed, written, or simply as
> discussions of ideas - of failed conversions?

I think they are real, legitimate, valid.

> Apologies if I am being dense, but the impression I got from the
> things I'd read was that conversion/transformation did work on
> immortal entities regularly (even if not infallibly).

It does work. It has worked, It will work. Not always, not infallibly, not easily, not often *among the powerful entities*, but often enough.
And also, MAYBE not permanently.

Greg Stafford
Game Designer

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