Re: Dumb questions

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_aaZ31m7pBzJ4EOoMIzLPLAcsZcVvJrKuC49eZpB1aIMOfvrqjJHnVV1Wa0O-rJ-Gps9U>
Date: Wed, 08 Oct 2008 16:29:22 -0000

> But, as was mentioned in an earlier e-mail, horses have several
> over an ox.
> I wouldn't say you have to know it exists before you heroquest for
it. But
> you would have to be hero questing for *something*. You need to plan
> leaves a middle-world replacement so you can take the hero plane
item back
> with you.

If my players wanted to do an experimental heroquest for a magical item that lets their horse pull a plow faster, I'd certainly let them.  Although their kinfolk might protest about such a remarkable waste of resources when they could always have quested to get Barntar's magical plow, which is five times better than a normal ox-plow (instead of only 20% better like the horse-collar) and can plow through solid rock! Or even better, they could get Barntar's blessing for the entire clan making everyone's task easier.


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