Re: Early, or Late Event?

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Terra Incognita:

>>Shamanic: Deneronae cycle, ArroTurru cycle, Orogeria & Kenstrata >>cycle, Tawar cycle

> (I am not sure this 'Tawar', I can't find this name in my copy of
> Entekosiad. See Glorantha Index, for this digression.)

KefTavar is cited as father of Bisos and God of the Tawari. These are Greg's original cattle Hsunchen, of Fronela (the Bemuri of Ralios are a later introduction to the Hsunchen canon). The classification as shamanic comes a bit surprisingly, since Entekosiad presents the Bisosae as theist, as far as I can make it out, but they were also descended from native Esus, who may have been a goddess.

> (IIRC, Greg didn't teach us whether Demonization is unique act of
> Wizardry Society, or not. I am not sure who demonized Spolites.)

Everybody who had to live under them. Basically, the Spolites did it themselves, associating with beings everybody would call demons.

> I assume what most Entekosiad confused me is that situation of the
> For most of Gloranthan people don't experience rituals more than one
> or two sets of cultures. From Greg's statement, I suppose Cycles of
> Myths are not from single culture, but various related, but not same
> cultures of West Peloria.

The Entekosiad shows a sequence of dominant cultures in Pelanda, which could have been experienced by indigenous cultural memory due to the generally inclusive nature of the Pelandans. All of those cycles correspond to certain Ages of the World, which appear to defy the simultanity of myths postulated in another recent thread.

> Valare is a "Natural", if I understand correctly, it means that
> she is naturally illuminated and could participate in various,
> different rituals without penalty. I think HeroQuest is a personal
> experience as well as social activity in Glorantha. Most
> Gloranthans perceived it as inseparable.

Valare explores the myths of Entekos (and Sedenya), which thread through all these mythic cycles, Entekos being one of the more important goddesses. I don't know whether Illumination was required to experience the Entekos myths, but it may have helped to analyze them and to know when to step off into another Age.            

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