Re: Lunar element's relation to others, especially Storm

From: markmohrfield <markmohrfield_at_Bc-eCvhabiTZPbNUsC5CBSos4Q7W6ar_rifKHLOtGUxZ0W2-SXm9bDw0GWFjz3>
Date: Thu, 06 Nov 2008 23:48:09 -0000

> No, you cannot hold two elemental runes simultaneously under the new
> HQ2 rules. However, your cult might have some special ability to use
> one rune to control some limited aspect of another. Zorak Zoran
> cultists can use the Darkness Rune to gain some limited powers over
> Fire (basically this is a very watered down Heroquest ability).
> Jeff

Do the Elmal and Heler cults get their powers over Water and Fire/Sky (or is it just Light?) in this manner? Or are their worshippers among the very few Orlanthi who don't get the Storm rune?

Mark Mohrfield(impatiently waiting for HQ 2.0 and Cults of Sartar!)            

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