Re: An observation about Yinkin

From: John Machin <orichalka_at_qKE_484c3cKi9Zqs6IUnI_bC820kSGYMaWZufvEKXgPC60WfIrRiMUxRiAr5EoiO4H>
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2008 16:42:35 +1100

2008/11/6 Jeff Richard <>:
> Yinkin is more than a hunter deity - in several clans, he is the
> Ancestor and Protector.

I've got to add that I always *always* imagined some 'hearth cats' and that these would obviously have a Yinkin-related mythology to explain them. Female Heortling followers of Yinkin, assuming that they still tended to follow the societal gender roles, might tend towards these aspects of the Yinkin cult myths.

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