Re: Lunar element's relation to others, especially Storm

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Richard Hayes:

> IĀ can understand how one might do a similar thing in relation to
Darkness -- some gods/cults might emphasise Shadow (the opposite/absence of Light) and others might emphasise Cold (the opposite/absence of Heat), rather than Darkness (which has aspects of both), though off the top of my head I cannot think of examples.

Moorgarki canonically has the Shadow rune, while Himile and Valind have the Cold rune. One of the new cults in Heroes of Malkion has the Cold rune, as well, FWIW.

> Are there similar sub-runes for aspects of Earth and/or Water?

"Malign Earth", as used by Maran Gor and her ilk, would presumably be an example of the former.

> Finally, is there still an Ice rune? (There was many years ago, in
Cults of Terror)

I'd imagine its pretty minor - I don't recall ever having seen it used in a cult write-up. But there are surely going to be some obscure runes here and there across the world that most people don't recognise.

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