Re: The Unholy Trio: Rephrasing the Question

From: Alison Place <alison_place_at_tw7FhoCF-7IcMtfzZQAZz1bhCl9EHPhQMGK1k9k65sxuEMfbcLrE0bSjA9b-S9w>
Date: Sat, 27 Dec 2008 17:05:23 -0800 (PST)

I apologise that I'm not contributing ideas for heroquests, but perhaps this comment might spark some good ideas from others on the list.

Along the lines of what Chris Lemens described, I once had a Malliant whose backstory was distinctly pitiable. She had been a Chalana Arroy healer, but her family was captured and tortured to death in front of her by their enemies. Chalana Arroy could do nothing to save them, so her follower forswore her allegiance to her goddess, and turned to Mallia to get revenge. She was also went irrational with grief, and was beyond the healing of her fellow cultists. (More like refused it, I'd say.)

The former healer HQed to bring back from Mallia a new plague, so a) finding a cure and b) stopping the Malliant and her gang were top of the list for the party. The PCs were sorry for her, but had no qualms (predictably) about nailing her ass when the opportunity presented.

Turn it around, and I suspect that you could easily work up a PC along these lines. Madness might be a copout, if you want the PC to feel responsibility for her actions. I would also think that you'd need another reason than straight revenge.

Here's a kooky, but just plausible motivation: Mallia brings more compassion into the world. Tribal warriors feel that only in the heat of battle can you see courage, honour and heroism. Well, a former healer might feel that only in the midst of pain and suffering will true compassion and empathy be found. So Mallia is making the world a better place by giving others a chance to care for the sick and dying, or to understand what it is to suffer oneself.

Anyone want to run with that?


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