Re: Pavis Book update - just a few weeks to go

From: Peter Metcalfe <metcalph_at_VAGPZv-eCzO25B9F3f-9faDBnN_uiSikmjyVjdcAjGJzD7pTWPEgNFyeIY7hcBJ80Nt>
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2012 07:43:18 +1300

On 2/14/2012 6:22 AM, David Scott wrote:
> On 13 Feb 2012, at 06:12, Peter Metcalfe wrote:
>> Tusk Riders in Ralios?
> It's in borderlands: "Tusk riders originated in Dragon Pass and spread west and north throughout Peloria and Ralios during the First and Second Ages." That's going to make Ralios and Peloria at bit more interesting:-)

Thanks for that. I knew there were Tusk Riders in Peloria but the source I was remembering (Elder Secrets) only states they were living in Maniria (ie Dragon Pass), Prax and southern Peloria. I didn't even know about the reference to Ralios in Borderlands and I am more surprised that Borderlands even mentions Ralios.

--Peter Metcalfe            

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