Re: Bestiality in Prax?

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Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2012 22:58:15 -0000

> But I wonder if Praxians really see morokanth as a different race.

I think they do. Human praxians are well aware that Morocanth were a different team during the survivor contest.

>Or to put it differently, I think race/species is a less important category than 'person' for them. The winners of the Survivor Contest are people/meat-eaters/worshippers of Waha, while the losers are animals, plant-eaters/children of Eiritha. I think that categorization is much stronger than humans vs non-humans in the Praxian worldview. So the morokanth are people, and the gern are animals. That doesn't mean that Sable Riders think of morokanth as just the same as them, but they don't think of Llama Riders as the same either.

I don't think it's a single question. It depends on what the context is.

Consider the case of a Praxian's attitude toward two beings:

Let's say both are female warriors, and the Praxian is male of hetero-sexual bent.

Which foe would the Praxian trust to perform the proper rites over his corpse should I lose in battle to it? Most likely the Morocanth.

Whose word would he deem more trust-worthy if sworn on their god? most likely the Morocanth.

If the beings were both slaves taken in battle, which would the Praxian choose to sleep with on a cold desert night? Probably NOT the Morocanth.

I think Praxians are well aware of species boundaries as well as cultural boundaries; the one that takes the fore is the one most prominent or appropriate at the time.

But then, YGMV.


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