Re: Cannibalism in Prax (was Bestiality in Prax?)

From: Andrew Larsen <aelarsen_at_c-clb9Xc_aZ5l5hUp1S-BDL3mjqz0p4JXAb49vvC4DeOBZ4hRSWrho7Vdz_K8ddL9pL>
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2012 07:44:07 -0600

But saying the CC resides mostly at
an oasis raises a slightly different problem. Most Praxians are nomads, living off
animals that live off the land. They don't farm at all. The oases are useful for
three reasons. 1) An excellent supply
of water. 2) Decent grazing for herds.
3) crops that can be taken from the Oasis Folk. But the Praxians need the Oasis
Folk to do the farming for them.

    So do the CC engage in farming? Or
do they protect/terrorize the Oasis Folk into providing food in exchange for
protection from the ghosts at the Oasis?

     Actually, as I think about it, that's an interesting scenario...

Andrew E. Larsen

On Feb 22, 2012, at 7:33 AM, jorganos <> wrote:

> > Ok, but how do they survive otherwise? Prax is an extremely harsh place. [...]
> > What do the Cannibal Cultists do for food other than have the occasional holiday feast of mock-pork? It seems unlikely that they can be as effective as hunters as the Agimori, since they lack the Men-and-a-Half's special adaptations, and the Agimori are a pretty marginal group, just barely surviving when compared to the Beast Nomads. I guess it seems likely to me that cannibalism is the particular adaptive strategy that the CC uses to survive.
> Cannibalism simply makes the collateral bodies of herd raids less wasteful.
> > Are you suggesting that the CC is confined to a particular oasis that is haunted enough that other Praxians avoid it? That's an interesting idea, but it sort of limits what one can do with them.
> If they have a waterhole that is protected from human access (and Praxian-owned herds) by angry ghosts that leave other natural life unmolested, they got a hunter's paradise.
> Those would be strongholds, but even so, they would require some fallow times.

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