Re: Events after the raising of the Boat Planet?

From: bryan_thx <bethexton_at_RuuqjAmMW-ZKrm5ku9qyNfa23Jw3M6OA2Uw7i1gvXBThhRrXHHLy4TE1vw7rU-ch-H>
Date: Wed, 29 Feb 2012 16:54:43 -0000

> Argrath used the Eaglebrown Warlocks to attack Lunar troops in Aldachur
> circa 1627 so the transformation took place before then.

Thanks Peter and everyone else who responded. Sorry to be so slow following up, didn't have a chance to get back to this group for several days. Anyway, between the answers in this thread, and discussions of what happens after the dragon-rise, I have a substantially better view of what is coming next :).            

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