Re: Vadeli besmirching

From: hcarteau_at_aJoAl0aykqETgG4z4hMAeJSQgEd8sxHqy291hUP_MNExo12Wo7GLEL44j8YYgJBgJDc
Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2012 17:34:48 +0100 (CET)

Nicely put ! I love the way you tie in their breaking of all laws with the absence of a talar caste. I think I'll adopt this for my Glorantha.

De: "DURUPT Jean" <>

There was a split among the people of logic. One side chose to have 4 classes They became the brithini. The other side chose to dispense with the managers. They became the Vadeli. That's why there were only three vadeli races.

Since the vadeli dispensed with managers, they dispensed with laws and ethics. A vadeli can do whatever strikes his fancy so long as his acts don't break his immortality.

The Brithini hate them because the Vadeli have near-total freedom. The other Malkioni fear them because they are sociopath, and without Hrestol they would not have a way to (more or less) safely deal with them.            

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