Re: On the summoning of demons and monsters...

From: Stephen Tempest <glorantha_at_f1_yoosGZaUM8Et7JUmr2QmG59XYBwDzOODJnF0PeAN24TjUW9rglEIBeFgiOqgF-5>
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2012 23:23:14 +0000

"In_a_flat_field" <> writes:

>However, divine magic seems to be a lot more personal...more
>intuitive. Would a ritualistic approach make as much sense? I'm really
>not entirely sure. The connection to the god/rune might indicate what
>beings one is permitted to call upon, but I'm tending towards a near
>instantaneous response, regardless of power level.

I don't see why ritualism doesn't fit divine magic: what's more appropriate for calling on the power of your God than conducting a long ceremony of worship in his honour?

I think it would be very situationally dependent, though. Unlike sorcery where you're manipulating power directly by your own will, divine magic means channelling your God. In a situation where it would be mythically appropriate for your God to summon divine help, you can do it easily. Stand on a windy hilltop and invoke Orlanth to send a storm daemon to carry you aloft, and it will appear instantly. Try the same thing on the brink of a dark chasm underground and you might have to shout the daemon's name for hours until it finally finds its way to you.


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