Your opinion about an animist detail

From: hcarteau_at_F9nVVFm4-NKn3wzACRk0cUo9XYH1xCn6T06AVI83OJs7azzJ2MugvbQqE8qtemOMMKc
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2012 18:29:17 +0200 (CEST)


One of my PCs is Big Paw, a blue bear rathori and big fan of Harrek. The character invested nearly all his HP in his Bear Totem, bringing it to 13M. He now shapechanges into a full blue bear when going into battle, which is quite often, and solves a lot of problems with claw slashes to the roar of HARREK IS GREAT (before changing to bear form, of course). In my Glorantha, the Bear Totem includes all Bear Spirits : Mighty Roar, Strength of the Bear, Spirit-Ripping Claws, etc.

Having taken a lot of wounds, some grizzly (ah ah), the player has wondered if he could get some healing powers. I suggest "Lick Wounds", a healing Bear Spirit. But should I give this as part of the Bear Totem keyword at 13M, which would make him VERY powerful, or at 13 for 1 HP ? Or somewhere in the middle ?

And would this power, whatever the rating, include the ablity to lick others' wounds ?

What do you think ?


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