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Daniel wrote:
> I wonder about the Malkioni and the Law Rune. Would all of them have
> it, by the way? Or do all Wizards have it (I seem to recall some
> interesting attempts to match castes to runes...)? A whole different
> topic, I suppose, but still fascinating.
> But if it's common enough then I wonder if converting to a Western
> religion requires getting the Law Rune.

IMO, no, but that may be a matter of perspective. If you were playing a game focussed on Orlanthi, then I'd probably give all Malkioni the law rune to emphasise their Malkioni-ness. I'd perhaps do the same in a multicultural game - Men of the Sea, or something - because it's the rune associated with Malkioni ways of thought.

But in a Malkioni-focussed game, where I'm using the runes to differentiate between different characters in the same culture, I wouldn't mandate it. Doing so would limit options, and arguably reduce the dramatic potential by making all the characters appear overly similar.

Since they don't use the runes directly, as theists do, it doesn't mean a difference in their abilities between campaigns, if that sort of thing is a concern. If it's representing anything in an Orlanthi game, it's the fact that the character can do wizardry magic. Well *all* Malkioni can do wizardry magic of some kind (ignoring henotheists, for the moment) so that's so basic it's not worth pointing out in a Malkioni game. But in an Orlanthi game that's weird and different, and very much worthy of mention.

Is it a very common rune in Malkioni society? Sure, just as Air is to Orlanthi, but even in Orlanthi society, there are several men who don't have the Air rune, even if they're in a minority (and are often PCs!) I'd use the rune to represent particularly pious or rational characters, many of whom will, of course, be wizards. But while, from an Orlanthi perspective, all Malkioni are rationally minded (and this isn't a good thing), from the perspective of their own culture, there are many who fall short.

Same with trolls; giving them the Darkness rune is a bit like giving humans the Man rune - its kind of assumed anyway, and doesn't need to be specifically listed. But any troll turning up as an NPC or something in an Orlanthi game I'd say has Darkness, because that's a dramatic contrast to the PCs in that sort of game.

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