Re: Winnowing the Argraths?

From: Kevin McDonald <kpmcdona_at_VM8RkyHuOBXm3-AHV14SkUqcMt2GU0czmnnx4mbFQSVqPHYEHpldH6LBZC7JPHNl7ce>
Date: Mon, 14 May 2012 09:26:37 -0400

At first I was annoyed by the multiple Argraths idea, but now I am a fan. The multiple Argraths idea is great for non-orlanthi games, like my current Lunar game set in the provinces. The death of an Argrath shocks my players who then come to understand that the game doesn't have to play out the "canon" way. (Their idea of what is "canon" is dated.) Then another Argrath pops up, and we get to play Argrath "whack-a-mole" as the world slides into chaos.


-Kevin McD

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