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Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2012 11:29:30 +0200 (CEST)

I don't think Malia is a chaotic goddess. She should have active worshippers, bitter old women cursing their neighbors with diseases in revenge for perceived slights.
/// I agree. I like the "loser cult" image your project. Who would worship disease except very spiteful persons? Evil yes, chaotic no.

How the Broos use Chaos in worshipping Malia is an interesting question but I strongly doubt that it is anything like Malia being a nonchaotic deity when worshipped by others which somehow becomes chaotic when worshipped by Broos.
/// Agreed. A being is chaotic or is not. Malia isn't. Broos, immune to disease as they are, wallow in shit and gore and often frequent her/its spirits of disease. A relation built over time.

I dunno what you mean by chaos societies?
/// Good point ;-) ! Evil societies perhaps. But no society can be chaotic, since Chaos dissolves society.

(Ikadz) : I don't see how a specific action performed with one aim in mind (ie purification) somehow becomes completely chaotic when performed with a totally different aim in mind (ie for shit and giggles).
/// Interesting. "C'est l'intention qui compte", as we say in French, but so far in Glorantha we have seen acts as being the source of chaos : cannibalism turns you into an ogre, while hurting deliberately someone (as an ikadz cultist) does not make you chaotic. This would make a nice, probably quite classical, philosophical debate.

Chaos is a mindless amorphous protoplasm outside glorantha - that it should enter glorantha dependent on the mental state suggests that it inherently obeys modern legal concepts regarding the division between the guilty mind and the guilty act.
/// Yes. It enters because of Acts and Facts. It seeps through cracks in our universe, and perverts/twists/corrupts/circombobulates our reality, forming chaotic beings/places. But chaos in itself is just - goob.

If (Nysalor) was chaotic, then the Uroxi would sense him, no?
/// They would. Trust the Bull! Thus Nysalor followers are not chaotic. Weird, but not chaotic.

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