Re: Shadows Dance and the GIant Land adjacent

From: jorganos <joe_at_WzTgd5CdHeMsUnPhN5I8cDwPUi2shOS_gaQlIaXYDFs8y6Hgh_UMGLZP9cpBCgEFqZZZbL2z>
Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2012 15:55:58 -0000

>> If I recall correctly, giants are bearers of disorder, so don't expect too much of a civilisation. They seem to have ties to the Spirit World, if the identification of the Genert pantheon with giants is correct.

David Cake:
> I thought it was only the non-Elder giants that are bearers of Disorder. I don't think there is any explicit reference to that connection for the Elder giants.

There is hardly any material on elder giants. I still think that Disorder is a good rune for beings that are just too tall for the world.

> Quite the opposite for the Elder giants, I'd say - Mountains seem to be not particularly Disorderly.

Lodril/Vestkarthen is the primary mountain god, and he is disorderly, too.

I think that the Gloranthans are aware that mountains can arise from lands pushing violently against one another, even without having to resort to plate tectonics. The Larnste/Kero Fin myth about mountain seeds is perhaps the only one with inward ejaculation and mountains growing from there, as opposed to Lodril and sons ejecting outward from within the earth.            

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