Dragonewt peculiarities

From: Pomeroi pomeroi_at_mailfass.de [WorldofGlorantha] <WorldofGlorantha_at_yahoogroups.com>
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2014 18:44:52 +0100

Hi folks,

How much did you ever have to deal with dragonewts? As a player or GM. Did you ever visit Dragon's Eye? What is it like? Did you ever travel a DN road? What is it like? Who did teach you how to use it?
Did you have them as enemies or "friends" (as much as you can name it such)? Even in your war band? As a PC?

Any ideas to bring my players closer appreciated. Though I want to keep up the inscrutableness of DNs, the mystery and awe my players still feel.


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