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From: Tim Ellis <tim_at_yxNYAbSgLAmbIKOCDVzrZPhxUCgAUM_IZBMizk69sC0SWsXsCyode9hKtlq2gIZIh-WCECFR>
Date: Mon, 1 Apr 2002 01:00:14 +0100

One more ring member tonight, our Ernaldan representative. As a matchmaker and ring member she will always have an opinion on which clan members should be sent along as representatives to the other clans, both within our Tribe, and outside of it, and so in a "typical adventuring group" of young unmarried PC's she could represent a powerful patron. If the PC's are older, with children of their own they may be turning to her for help in arranging meetings with suitable partners (or helping to avoid meetings with unsuitable ones) which again allows her to call on their aid in clan or personal matters. She makes for a powerful friend but a dangerous enemy!

Rana Twice-Matched
Female Age 42, Devotee of Vela the Queen

Feats: Earth Queen (Ernalda) 8w2, Find Another Way (Ernalda) 10w2, Match Making (Vela) 6w2, Perfect Mate Augury 17.

Key Skills: Kindly 2w, Bargain 12w, Firm but Fair 17, Know Local News 15w, Offer Advice 5w.

Rana speaks for Ernalda on the Ring. She is a devotee of Vela the Queen. When her (first) husband died she married his brother and stayed at her old hearth. She is a good listener, always willing to lend a sympathetic ear and a word of advice.

Rana is a large, imposing woman whose raven black hair is starting to grey at the temples. She has a near permanent twinkle in her eye, and a friendly smile on her face. Through her friends and confidants she always seems to know what is going on, not only within our clan, but elsewhere amongst our neighbours

Rana is always keen to make advantageous marriages for the young adults of our clan, but still says her best match washer own, to NAME, her husband with whom she lives at CHIEFSTEAD.


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