Re: Dropping Action Points

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Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2000 17:37:36 EDT

Graham Robinson:

<< Okay, I've now managed to run a few games of hero wars now, and while I
really like the basic system, the action points system is a pain.>>

    I'd have to agree that its the weakest part of the actual system, and the thing most in need of scrapping IMO - though, obviously, there are those who like it.

<<So myself and my player have been experimenting with using a series of simple contests instead of a single extended contest.>>

    On the face of it, I'd say that something like this is the best way to 'fix' the system. The most obvious problem with it (at least to me) is that in the existing rules weapons and armour are only differentiated using APs. I suppose one could make them apply a penalty or bonus to the combat roll, but that still doesn't feel quite right to me. How (if at all) did you get round this?  

<< So far we've only done this for combat, but it seems to be working pretty

     I can't really think of many situations where I'd want to use the extended contest for non-combat actions, myself. But that is very much due to my style of gaming, and for that majority (I suspect) of players who would find it useful, I don't think the extended contest mechanism creates the same sort of problems out of combat as it does (for some people) in combat.

<< The result is a combat system that runs really fast, allows lots of
tactics, reasonable realism, and is moderately dangerous. (i.e. for two reasonably even groups, we had 50% injured both sides in four contests.) People who get injured stop fighting fast.>>

     I'd likely tune down the dangerousness myself, using something akin to Chill or Storyteller wound levels, but your principle seems sound, and a significant improvement on the existing rules, IMO - if only I could figure out how to do the weapons... As ever this cuts both ways; for instance many people don't want a combat system that runs really fast!  

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