Re: Re: Ability advancement rate

From: Benedict Adamson <badamson_at_...>
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 10:37:40 +0000

wulfcorbett wrote:
> This would... allow the characters to rise TO (but not easily
> above) the common NPC leaders.


Of course, because actually rising to or above the leaders would be a terrible evil, to be prevented at all costs. Nobody should be able to player a tribal leader, or a Hero.

Wesley et al have been playing a high level game in which Argrath Dragonfriend is (IIRC) one of the characters. I don't recall any complaints by them about the HW advancement rules. In our campaign we have moved from recommended starting characters (5W) to tribal level (10W2) characters, without any problems.

I've seen lots of suggested 'solutions' to the 'problem' of characters increasing 'too fast', but no statement of what this 'problem' is and how fast is 'too fast'. I can't help thinking that many of the 'solutions' are proposed by people who have not actually had much experience of playing the game.

Wulf, could you explain what you find problematic with the HW advancement rules?

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