only one instance of a heroquest per person

From: Moah, platypus powaaa! <MOAH_at_...>
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2004 02:25:08 +0100


There's a rule in HQ that says one person can make the same heroquest only once. I'm a bit surprised since i believe it contradicts historical  evidence (didn't the guy who got Arkat from a heroquest did the lightbringer a second time later on?), and it makes it harder to use some staple heroquest (the one that calls the enemy to wherever you are, for example).

For example, on the whitewall list they're toying with the idea of having Broyan use the "call your enemy" hq, but he uses it in OiD. (Of course, in this case, it's the perfect opportunity to have the character perform said HQ instead).

So am I wrong or am I wrong? Anyone is using that rule exactly as-is or have you guys made adjustments?

Moah, platypus powaaa!

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