RE: Re: Movement rates

From: Jane Williams <janewilliams20_at_...>
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 18:49:04 -0000

> See, here's the missing link. I agree that people can and do
> go 50 miles in
> a day. A fit soldier is expected to be able to do that in
> about 10 hours, .. the situation is
> either life or death, or the soldier is going to be able to
> rest the next day.

> and the contest is not to make the distance -
> he'll make the distance. The contest is to be able to do it
> without damaging one's endurance for the next day.

There is a skill in the Warrior keyword called "Endurance". Might I suggest that this should fit into the equation somewhere?

>The target number for going 50 miles ... should be 17W2,
> For 35 miles, much more reasonable, the TN should be maybe 17W or so.
> I'd say a pace of about 25 miles a day is about your 17 TN.
> 20 Miles might be a 14.
> Roll a default 6 to go 10 miles without exhaustion

That's a nice little table.

>In fact, unles you want to really detail each day,
> don't roll each
> day, but instead come up with the whole trip as a
> congolmerate roll.

Except that you're back to assuming this is a contest. What we started with was "we want to get from A to B, a distance of X miles. How long should it reasonably take?"
No contest. No rolls. Just "allow about Y days".

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