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Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2005 18:08:26 -0800


>How do I get them there? Obviously I'll have to do some "and a year
>passes" gaps, but I need a feel for how fast they should be advancing. I
>need a feel for what level people should be at at intermediate dates.

They need to be at the level they are at that date.

If the players are the heroes, then their ratings determine the rest of the world. If you think they are equal to Kallyr, then Kallyr's abilities should be in the same range as the players's. If they aren't on Kallyr's level, then her abilities are a mastery higher.

If you must work according to a budget, then look at the sample resistances. Do you expect the heroes to be as powerful in a fight as clan champion? Then that's the combat ability you should aim for. But this ignores the fact that they will be more clever, determined, and lucky than a clan champion, and so they don't absolutely need those numbers to play the hero.

> > That's one contest that seasons to perform. So they get
>> directed HP for whatever skills they used.
>Fine. How many HP?

I think it's extremely rare for Jeff or me to give out more than 1 directed HP per skill (exceptions being something heroquest-related, or an unusual follower or relationship gained during play).

I wonder if anyone in our games has ever kept track of total HP awarded? I know I haven't.

>Just another reason why I don't generally like films.
>Suspension of disbelief can only take so much. Why
>that particular format has to assume the audience are
>morons has always been beyond me. If books can
>"cut-scene" to a realistic time-frame, not a stupid
>one, what's so hard about getting it right on-screen?

I don't think there's any real difference -- books can jump big amounts of time, too.


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