Improv skills

From: Steve Lieb <steve_at_...>
Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 00:35:36 -0500

On the matter of raising "general" skills vs. more specific skills, I think I see that we're all agreeing that it's a cheap thing if you allow players to raise the general skill for the same cost as a specific one - i.e. that there should be some benefit to specialization in this sense, yes? What about the simple expedient: if you use an Ability (or whatever) with an improvisational modifier you can, at the end of the adventure:
  1. take the improvised skill at 12 or what you were at after the modifier, whichever is better for 1 HP; or,
  2. improve the general skill by 1 for the hp cost of (-1*improv modifier applied) [the least bad one throughout the adventure, if multiples apply].

Therefore, let's say you have Bluster 18. You need to bargain a merchant down, so the narrator says sure, you can use Bluster at -3. Then, at the end of the adventure you could specifically take Haggle with Merchant 15
(for 1 hp) or improve your Bluster by 1 for 3 hp.

(Yes, I know then there's no penalty for people improvising at -1, but
that's not much improvisation....)
So the effect is, the less relevant an experience is to a general skill, the less easily its lessons are applicable to that skill (if you REALLY need a rational basis).


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