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YGWV Quoting John Machin <>:

> On 12/07/07, Greg Stafford <> wrote:
>> Quoting
>> > It's not even certain the Red Woman of Holay is Vinga. Some say they
>> > are the same (ILH1 pg.54).
>> In fact, some of us are pretty sure that she is NOT Vinga.
> Really?

Yes, really.

> That's quite interesting! What is the reasoning behind this

Because the mythology is different there, and there is no need to make everything the same.

> (and behind having about the only information about the accuracy of
> the link between the two being deemed false)?

Because this list is a place where we can discuss differences from published materials, to open alternative ideas to the published canon, and where I allow myself to speculate and share unpublished materials.

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