Re: Heler outside Dragon Pass and Maniria?

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> parental_unit_2 wrote:

I think that he'd be a vague figure, if worshiped at all. The only thing he might be worshiped as is the rain, but even then he would be subordinated to whatever deity brought the rain. His mutability might be revered in places.

Deities are worshiped only for the benefits that they bring. Thus Heler has no worship in the middle of the desert.

> Note that Orlanth and Ernalda also have magic for dealing with sheep,
> and in fact Thunder Rebels lists Orlanth (Orolmarn) as the default
> cult for male herders in Dragon Pass. So Heler might not even be
> necessary in cultures raising sheep.


> It sounds as if Heler is still important in some areas of southern
> Genertela (Wenelia, Teshnos). But what about further north, in
> Orlanthi-influenced lands like Talastar and Sylila?

Minimal influence. The Heler winds (springtime, from the SW) do not reach there, and as you said, there are other sheep deities.

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