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Date: Tue, 04 Mar 2008 22:58:19 GMT

In message <> Paul King writes:
>On 3 Mar 2008, at 10:42, Stewart Stansfield wrote:
>> And, to be somewhat crude, Veskarthan shagged the Earth and took its
>> stuff.
>That leads to some interesting thoughts.
>Is the connection between vulcanism and earthquakes known (i.e. does
>Vestkarthen really "make the earth move") ?

Depends who you ask. A Veskarthan follower would say yes. For a Maran Gori the earthquake is Maran's anger against chaos and/or her enemies. Which may well include Vestkarthan.

>Volcanic ash is fertile soil. Is this associated with a gift of
>Maran Gor ?

Maran Gor isn't associated with fertility. Volcanic ash will have been stolen from her sister Ernalda. I'd expect there to be rituals asking Ernalda's forgiveness for using what was stolen from her.

>Are the dead killed in volcanic eruptions considered
>sacrifices to her ? Or is it a sign of Vestkarthen's virility ?

Depends where you are. In Caladraland it's a sign that your sacrifices to Vestkarthen weren't good enough. Near Wintertop pretty much anyone killed by the earth is a sacrifice to Maran Gor. That's because earthquakes are common and volcanos rare near Wintertop and visa versa in Caladraland.

This is what Stewart was getting at earlier about myth. Myths reflect what happens in a particular place and a similar physical activity may have a completely different myth associated with it elsewhere. So Lodril is similar to Vestkarthen but not exactly the same god. Trying to make them so is the monomyth and a Godlearner mistake.

Donald Oddy


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