Longevity and immortality in Glorantha

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Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2008 17:07:52 -0000

One of the hallmarks of capital h Heroes seems to be surpassing the boundaries of the normal aging process, and it seems that in a way they achieve even more literal immortality (not just as worshipped entities, but so that they tend to manifest back in the mortal world, like Ironhoof and Jaldon Goldentooth do).

I'm sure there are lesser ways as well for the clever magician. What do the wizards and sorcerers of the west do to cheat death by years and decades? How successful can one be with this? The above mentioned Heroes don't actually stay around for centuries, rather they do great deeds for a few years or decades and then ascend. What about the sorcerer that just want's to live on and continue his studies?

I bet Vadeli style blood magic would give some options. Sacrifice ten virgins to knock ten years off your age, or something similarily nasty. Maybe one could try to tie ones life to that of a great oak (possibly doing something to a dryad in the process) in the style of those russian fairytales.

In Kralorela people probably consume pearls and mercury in the style of ancient china (not talking about the mystics here, but more ordinary mortals trying to cheat death).

How does this go?


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