Re: Odal and personal property among the Orlanthi.

From: teeeterry <tt_at_D45sOFmhuiVc2QhMKt_v7hrBnoKx95FN7lXDgj97rthjGBiOt04kQCsUR35uIaloyDANxfmI.>
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2012 13:20:37 -0000

Thank you for the reply:-)

I smell a catch 22 coming on:
Our heros have been away and come home with various valuables. They have their idea about some of the gifts they'd like to give when they arrive: A pearl necklace to their mother (let's say they are siblings for simplicity), a nice sword to their dad and a suit of armor for the clan chief. However, these things are not theirs to give away before everything has been given to the clan chief first…


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