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Date: Thu, 04 Oct 2012 19:56:30 +1300

On 10/4/2012 4:17 AM, Glass wrote:

> But what are the "air powers" that letting Entekos worshippers into the Dendara temples sometime around 1400 ST (third wane) passed over to Dendara?
> I was hoping you found something specific. Does modern Dara Happan Dendara work with weather powers? Lightning bolts? Calm Air? Teleportation?
Weather on the Gods Wall is specifically associated with a separate goddess Shafesora with her jars of clouds and rain. Lightning is Doburdon's speciality. Other possible manifestations:

Mother of Moons: Judging from the Entekosiad p9, I think the planet can be considered to be the mother of the eight planets - Shargash, Annilla, Lokarnos and perhaps Yelm too. Her worshippers can learn perhaps a portion of a planet's magic.

Queen of the Air: Her worshippers have a veto over the magic of another storm worshipper.

Lady of the Summer Air: Her worshippers can summon warm air

Goddess of Calm: Her worshippers can calm the air.

Goddess of Virtue: She can rise into the Sky out of reach of vile monsters that wish her ill.

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