Re: Entekosiad (Was Cults for Dara Happan noble women)

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On 10/7/2012 3:44 AM, soltakss wrote:

> Of all the early Stafford Library/Unfinished Works, the Entekosiad was the most disappointing, in my opinion. It read like a Lunar Thesis on HeroQuesting, which it probably was. It seemed to me that a Lunar HeroQuestor was trying to prove a connection between Dendara and Entekos. Does that mean there was a connection or just that a connection was made under certain circumstances?
The HeroQuestor was trying to prove that Dendara/Entekos was the Red Goddess. The Red Goddess told her that she was wrong and the Entekosiad was her attempt to figure out why.

The connection between Dendara and Entekos is intrinsic to both goddesses.

I know that it's deep but I found the most useful way to make it relevant was to take all the trivial details and imagine what role they must play in modern day Peloria (with the obvious answer they don't and are long forgotten being forbidden). For example, the bit about the firesticks can be made relevant by positing that the Carmanian sorcerors use glowing wands in their sorcery.

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