The Old Man and the Feldichi

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Date: Wed, 05 Dec 2007 21:13:01 -0000

Here's another little mythic background piece that Greg and I came up with recently:

The Old Man and the Feldichi
The Old Man was an ancient god that lay with Dorasa during the God Time. Together they created the Feldichi or "Wise People," the ancient inhabitants of Dorasor. Protected by Dorasa and advised by the Old Man, the Feldichi produced a spectacular civilization. However, their entire people were exterminated by Chaos during the Great Darkness and the Old Man was consumed by the Void. Other stories widespread among the survivors of Talastar call the husband of Dorasa, "the Betrayer," or The Evil One," and also Eurmal.

The Talastarings look upon the so-called "father of the Feldichi" as a treacherous, perhaps even chaotic, being whose interests were anti-human. That the elves loved him only reinforces their belief. That the dwarves hated him does the same. And the Feldichi were neither men nor gods. They were treacherous beings whose gifts invariable doomed the recipient. Many refer to them as the "damned Feldichi, fathers of ogres, canibals and seducers, they tricked the dwarfs in a contest of crafting - and won!" That's why the dwarfs hate them so and why their gifts are so deadly to their recipients.            

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