Re: The Old Man and the Feldichi

From: kwantikanti <kwanti_at_fc_Nd6TMYo96iFC5ILzASjXTfNjbYWa7KTvFDp2nLIWypSrkAHeLY4gn_uiNmGUd81Ppz>
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2007 21:33:40 -0000

> The Old Man and the Feldichi
> The Old Man was an ancient god that lay with Dorasa during the God
> Time. Together they created the Feldichi or "Wise People," the
> ancient inhabitants of Dorasor.

Gasp, sorry, I'm lost... ;-)

I know the Feldichi only thanks to Dorastor : Land of Doom.

Who is this "Dorasa" ? What is "Dorasor" ?

Are they just gregged DorasTa / DorasTor ? Or is it more serious, doctor ? ;-)

I would find natural to read that "The Old Man was an ancient god that lay with DorasTa (...) ancient inhabitants of DorasTor"...

And please, while I think of it, I have a question about Slime Deer as they are described in D:LoD :
"The Slime Deer of Dorastor are revolting beasts that date from the conversion of the Sleek Deer God to chaos during the Chaos Wars (...) their flesh is edible, though mealy and possessed of a foul aftertaste." There was a discussion here some months ago about the fact that to eat a chaotic thing means that one can become "tainted" with Chaos. Does it apply to these appetizing Slime Deer ? ;-)


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