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Date: Tue, 02 Oct 2012 23:50:02 -0000

Thanks to everyone for all the info. I'm guess what I'm working on is two fold. One is a general understanding of the politics of Yuthuppa, which the responses have given me what the source material says (and enough that I can extrapolate on my own without running into problems). I assume the importance of the priests are because of Yuthuppa's role as a center of the star seers which has just sort of bled over into day-to-day political decision making?

The other thing is that I'm interested in what would be the "top clan" in Yuthuppa. I think a clan who has the Overseer/Satrap would be closer to this, for my purposes, than the priests. The Overseer might be more appropriate (see below) but I had missed the info on Satrap being of the Taran-Il (I skipped over the Rinliddi material). I'm not sure what error Jeff Richard is referring to, since what he gives expands upon what is in the book. Is the error the implication that Taran-Il is Rinliddi? (They are mentioned in the Rinliddi section, but there is no explicit mention they are Rinliddi.)

If Dara Happan, the Taran-Il might be considered one of the top. The Glorantha wiki and ILH mention JenetAror (but they were eliminated as traitors?) and MolariSor (had a member become a mask of the Red Emperor, so they are a top clan)? But Jeff explicitly mentions the Yuthmesha clan as the chief clan, which seems to be the way to go since it will be the top office reflecting Dara Happan tradition. I think I can assume the Overseer is of their clan?

"Details on each of the satrapal clans is contained in the Guide (and written by Greg, MOB, Nick Brooke, and myself)." I assume this book isn't called just "the Guide", what is the full title?

One more question, I assume in over-all Dara Happan society, the clans in Yuthuppa would be of similar importance to those in Raibanth? Raibanth is a the traditional capital, but the emperors have come from clans across Dara Happa?            

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