Re: Animism: multiple traditions?

From: Paul May <kax_at_...>
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 2004 09:42:52 +1000

At 12:02 AM 10/10/04, RR wrote:
>The rules don't specifically say. However, *I* personally don't think that
>you can - or, at least, not be a "good" worshipper of either religion. I
>think to change religions you actually have to convert from one to the
>other - not go through a transition phase where you show up to both sets of
>ceremonies. And I'm not just talking the "Overlapping holy days" syndrome.
>I think there are profound mental changes that need to take place from "I'm
>a good storm worshipper" to "I'm a good Lunar". It is extremely difficult to
>slowly transition between those two states - it's like pulling off a
>band-aid. Are you a slow pull or a fast yank kind of person? I think
>conversion is a fast yank type of operation.

  Think of a Catholic converting to Islam. Are you going to go to both ceremonies for a while? What are people going to think of you for doing so? Are the priest and the mullah even going to talk to you? Or are you going to get serious talks about commitment from both of them? Remember, both religions are exclusive - one or the other, not both. IME, the only way to be part of two religions at once is through Illumination. ;)

>In rules terms, *I think* when you pay your 3 HP to gain a new "Worship
>[Pantheon]" (or similar ability for the other types of magic) it replaces
>your previous one, you don't hold them simultaneously.


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