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Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2007 11:37:29 +1000 (EST)


I asked a couple of chaos related questions in previous posts, but they may have got ignored in the kerfuffle. So I'm repeating tyhemin the hope of finding opinions and/or answers.

So here goes

Heortlings regard incest and rape as really bad acts that are chaotic, or at least have a good chance of turning you chaotic. We know the second, at least, is true (for a heortling) Is this universal or Heortling specific? What acts would a Dara Happan (or at least one prior to the Red Moon) regard as likely to turn you into a Broo? A Praxian? A Kralorelan? A westerner? I don't mean "evil" or "bad" or even necessarily "taboo" acts but ones that have a good chance of turning the performer chaotic (which of course will usually be regarded as evil and bad and taboo, but some such things won't have the chaos association)?

When does an ogre stop being an ogre (if ever)? Anaxial's roster gives a typical ogre "crave human flesh 15". So I guess they would have to roll against that with something like "strong willed" if they wanted to stop themselves gorging. Of course, most ogres don't want to stop, unless it will get them exposed, but anyway, consider one who does, say an ogre orphan brought up by humans not knowing what it was. If the craving stat is a "normal" flaw, could an ogre "buy it down"? What happens to an ogre who doesn't crave human flesh, let alone eat it?


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